About Me
Hello! I am very pleased you stopped by! I was born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. The quirky-arty-brainy-talkative oldest of three kids. I have a BFA in Graphic Design from Miami University. Out of college, I worked for an enjoyable decade at American Greetings where I was a product designer for gift bags and gift wrap. I headed west to Portland, Oregon for a couple of years. It was a time of a lot of personal growth and adventure. In 2016, I happily returned home to Northeast Ohio and have been designing and developingĀ in the energetic worlds of higher education and fabric design. My design style is a blend of modern graphic with a keen eye to current trendĀ and a penchant for injecting vintage or handmade elements. I love all types of design and exploring new creative problem solving challenges. My favorite things are great food, new adventures, anything in the arts, cats, and all things tiny.
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